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Vitality, education & rehabilitation for you and your family.


Mobile Massage

(60/90 Minute)

Supplies required for a massage treatment are brought and setup within your home. Get treated with Hot stones/ Dynamic Cups/ Kinetic techniques on a heated table in the comfort of your own home. Services are offered to residents within Sherwood Park, AB with available parking (excluding apartments/ acreages)

Clinic Services:

(30/60/90/120 Minute)

Kinetic Massage Technique

This technique was formulated specifically for overactive nervous systems. The science-based theory focuses on reducing the neuromuscular firing rate of your muscles, which allows deep structured work in a pain free state. This modality is used intently throughout portions of a treatment and involves joint mobility and soft tissue manipulations. Clients remain on the massage table as usual, and are not required to be active.

Dynamic Cupping

This modality aids your body in detoxifying the blood and lymph. The pressure of the cups against the tissue allows the fascia to be stretched and targets scar tissue breakage. Knots residing in deeper tissues are also assisted in separating by the pressure and increased blood flow. Dynamic cups can be used over most tissue and some joints, which increases their benefit over the traditional fire or pump ‘cupping’. Cupping is used intently throughout portions if your treatment, if there are no contraindications with your body. This modality will leave ‘Marks’ on your tissue that appear as circular bruises and fade between 2 – 7 days.

Hot stones

This therapy is relaxing yet it does provide therapeutic benefits. Basalt lava rocks are heated in hot water and used to massage the body throughout portions of the treatment. The porous nature of the rock allows a variety of pressure which can be applied depending on your body’s needs. The heat from the rocks transfer to your tissue which increases blood and lymph circulation, while soothing the sympathetic nervous system. Aids to loosen muscle tissue.

MVA'S & Sports Injurie's

Assessment is performed on the affected areas involved in trauma to formulate a thorough rehabilitation treatment plan specifically created for each individual.

Prenatal Massage

Formulated for Woman 12 weeks pregnant and up.

Performed in a side lying position with multiple pillows supports for comfort. Maternity massage is formulated to aid in relieving pressure on the joints/relaxing muscles while addressing common prenatal conditions such as sciatica & hip numbness, low back tensions and much more. The pressure is determined by assessment/client comfort. This treatment is formulated to avoid prenatal pressure points.

Child/ Youth Massage

Children aged 3 - 17 years

Relieves sore or tense muscles, as well as calming for the mind and body. Specific treatments plans may be formulated per client based off assessment. The pressure is determined by assessment/ client comfort.

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